The Ethical Diamond,

created by science

We are passionate about creating real beauty whilst helping the environment

Our Mission:


At The Ethical Diamond Company, we think everyone should be able to enjoy the beauty and elegance of diamonds, in an ethically responsible, environmentally sustainable and affordable way.


Our Vision:


The Ethical Diamond Company puts ethics and sustainability at the heart of everything we do. Whether clients choose one of our timeless designs or something bespoke of their own creation, each piece is crafted using world-class lab-grown diamonds, set in reclaimed metals, presented in upcycled packaging. A percentage of every sale goes towards supporting projects that empower rural communities and enhance environmental protection in mineral-rich regions of Africa vulnerable to the effects of mining.

Our Brand Values:


Ethical Diamonds are 100% real diamonds; they are the product of science inspired by nature.


No people or natural resources are harmed throughout our supply chain. Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, verifying the provenance of its diamond/s.


The greatest care is given to ensure that we reduce the impact to both the environments and communities affected by the diamond industry:


• All our diamonds are lab-grown, so do not deplete the world’s natural resources

• All the metals used in our jewellery are upcycled

• All our packaging is both recycled and recyclable


As our diamonds are grown to order, not only is there minimal wastage, but fewer resources are required to cut and polish them. This means that the average Ethical Diamond can be produced in approximately 3 months, with prices at least 30% lower than geological diamonds of the same grade.



A percentage of every sale we make is donated to important charities and projects that help communities in areas vulnerable to the impact of mining. Through these initiatives, we believe that the rest of the diamond and jewellery industry will strive to become more ethical and sustainable across the supply chain.